Systems (OSS, IoT)

ATDI’s ICS telecom EV is the ideal tool for planning homogeneous and heterogeneous wireless networks. Its statistics-capability also allows virtual networks to be modelled. ICS telecom EV covers every established spectrum-dependant technology; emerging technologies are added once they have defined methods. Planning can be manual or automatic on standalone machines or networked computers.


Key features of Inventory3D system: open, flexible, client-customizable database structure; easy external data integration, support of real-time data feeding; self-customizable, easy to use web interface supporting work also on mobile devices; integration with leading Map (Google Map), GIS (ESRI’s ArcGIS) and 3D CAD (SketchUp) products for outside- and inside-plant engineering.\


Dencrypt A/S works within the field of encrypted communication, and offers solutions for securing mobile communications against eavesdropping. This Danish company specialises in developing and providing software products based on the principle of Dynamic Encryption, and focuses on combining encryption technology with a user-friendly operation.


2operate A/S provides tools for network troubleshooting process automation for mobile network operators. It offers 2solve Troubleshooting Suite, a set of tolls to support the troubleshooting process, including fault detection, diagnosis creation, and solution deployment; and 2solve Diagnosis Engine, an application programming interface exposing the automated reasoning and knowledge management technology. The company serves GSM, UMTS, and LTE networks.


Cellular Expert Company, a technology company focused on delivering wireless network design systems and tools to improve telecommunication companies’ performance. Cellular Expert goal is to provide customers with effective, reliable, innovative GIS based IT solutions, which would help companies to manage enterprise-wide processes, infrastructure, and other resources, optimize network performance, increase profitability and the quality of customer services, and ease decision making processes.